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Bake Off Italia - The Graphic Adventure is a short graphic adventure dedicated to my favorite TV show: Bake Off Italy.

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In the game, you are a guy who doesn't know how to prepare a cake but has to make a Sacher Torte and save the show from the aliens. The cast of  Bake Off: Benedetta Parodi, Clelia D'Onofrio, and the pastry chefs Damiano Carrara and Ernst Knam, will try to help you. But it won't be easy because you don't have the full recipe and all the ingredients.

Resolution is 320x200, with backgrounds and characters in pixel art. Characters have been designed from scratch, while the backgrounds are taken from real pictures of the TV show.

It's my first game developed with Adventure Game Studio. It's not perfect, and many animations are still missing, but the plot is complete, and it has been playtested a lot. So you should be able to finish it without problems.

Game language:

The game is fully translated into English, Italian, and Portuguese.  Since version 0.9.7, the game will ask you the language at startup. Once you have chosen the language, your preference will be saved. You can switch to another language running "winsetup.exe", or from the options menu.


NEW! Web-version is now available. Play in your browser, also on mobile. On mobile you cannot right-click to change action, so you need to use the top bar to select the actions (use, examine, talk).

Download the zip file, extract it somewhere and run "bakeoff.exe."

The game uses the Sierra-style interface. Use the right mouse button to select action: walk, examine, use, or talk. There is no difference between "use" or "take." 

Use the menu on top to open the inventory (suitcase icon). With the inventory open, select the object, click "Close" to close the inventory window, and drag and drop it to another object in the room to combine them.

At the beginning of the game, open the inventory, click the recipe, and drag and drop it on our character to read the recipe. 

Even if you don't know the TV show, I hope you will like this mini-game.


This fan game is totally free, and it's made for entertainment only. It's not sponsored, approved, or affiliated with the TV show. All characters, all related marks, logos, and associated names and references are copyright and trademark of their respective holders. 


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What a cool game! Really impressed, love the artwork! Think you would be a great fit for the Italian game jam we are hosting. If you are interested you can check it out here:

Keep up the good work!

Super funny game. I like Bake Off TV show and playing this game is so funny because you have all the Cast in: Benedetta, Damiano, Clelia and Knam. When playing I feel being there